President Museveni Highlights Urgent African Sovereignty Challenges
President Museveni Highlights Urgent African Sovereignty Challenges


H.E President Yoweri Museveni, who is also National Chairman of the NRM party, had the privilege of hosting a delegation of African parliamentarians at State House Entebbe, marking the conclusion of the second African Inter-Parliamentary Conference. This gathering was pivotal, as it centered around the intrinsic values and sovereignty of our beloved continent.

During his discussions, he emphasized two critical challenges that demand our collective attention and resolve. Firstly, the insatiable greed and self-serving agendas demonstrated by foreign powers in their engagements with Africa. Secondly, our own internal weaknesses, which render us susceptible to exploitation by those who seek to manipulate and undermine our sovereignty. It was stressed that it is imperative that we confront these internal issues head-on, fostering unity and fortitude in the face of external pressures.

As President Yoweri Museveni, extended a warm welcome to our guests and reaffirmed Uganda's commitment to advancing the interests of Africa and safeguarding our sovereignty. It was emphasized that together, through unity and solidarity, we shall overcome these challenges and chart a path towards a prosperous and empowered Africa.

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