President Hosts Italian Business Persons
President Hosts Italian Business Persons

President Museveni recently met with a delegation from Italy to discuss investment opportunities in Uganda. He emphasized the need for private sector investment, particularly in sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. President Museveni highlighted Uganda's abundant natural resources and the potential for rapid progress with European partnership. He urged investors to consider setting up factories to add value to Uganda's coffee production and encouraged collaboration in pharmaceuticals and veterinary drugs manufacturing.

The President also praised Italy's climate fund project, emphasizing its importance in conserving Uganda's environment. He stressed the mutual benefits of equitable economic partnerships and urged European political actors to recognize them. The Prime Minister of Uganda, Robinah Nabbanja, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent Uganda at the Italy-Africa Summit, where discussions on development plans for Africa took place.

Ambassador Stefano Gatti highlighted Uganda as a new priority country for Italy's development cooperation. He discussed Italy's interest in investing in Uganda's coffee sector to address climate change challenges and enhance production. Additionally, Italy expressed interest in collaborating with Uganda in livestock, agro-foods, and healthcare sectors.

The meeting was attended by various Ugandan ministers, signaling the government's commitment to fostering international partnerships for development.

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