Transformative Empowerment: Hajjat Hadijah’s Impact on Uganda’s Communities
Hajjat Hadijah's Impact on Uganda's Communities

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs in the Office of the NRM National Chairman (ONC), Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye, initiated an empowerment program aimed at tackling unemployment and eradicating poverty in Uganda. Through this initiative, ONC directly provides various resources to individuals, including sewing machines, hair dryers, shaving machines, livestock such as goats and chicks, as well as capital funds.

Despite past rumours alleging that beneficiaries had their equipment reclaimed, recent investigations have revealed the truth. Direct beneficiaries have come forward to testify to the genuine efforts of Hajjat Hadijah Uzieye Namyalo and her team, led by JAJJA wa Bazukulu, in reaching out to those in need, restoring hope to many who had previously lost it.

Impressed by the firsthand accounts of changed lives, including those trained by the presidential industrial hub, President Museveni has expressed his support for ONC's activities. He commended Hajjat Hadijah's leadership for making the organization visible and ensuring that the benefits of freedom are enjoyed by all.

In response, President Museveni pledged full support for ONC's endeavours, recognizing its tangible impact on the ground. Despite facing opposition from certain quarters, this direct empowerment approach continues to defy sceptics, leaving a lasting impression on Uganda's communities.

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