Office of National Chairman Manager Empowers Bunyoro Citizens, Endorses Vision for Future Development
The Bunyoro Sub-Region supports President Museveni running in 2026

On Friday, April 26, the Office of the National Chairman Manager, SPA/PA, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye, made a significant achievement in Bunyoro Region. In a generous gesture aimed at enhancing economic empowerment and endorsing a vision for the future as espoused by the National Chairman H.E President Yoweri Museveni, hundreds of wealth creation tools were distributed to the citizens, affectionately referred to as Jajja Museveni’s Bazzukulu, during a momentous event.

The event, attended by tens of thousands of individuals, took place at Bweyale Church of Uganda Primary School Grounds, situated in Bweyale Town Council, within the esteemed Kiryandongo District of western Uganda.

The assortment of empowerment tools provided to various organized groups encompassed a wide array of essentials including hoes, sprayers, carpentry tools, popcorn machines, charcoal stoves, salon dryers, shaving machines, maize seeds, fertilizers, welding machines, tailoring machines, grinding machines, deep fryers, and numerous others.

Addressing the assembled Bazzukulu, Hajjat Namyalo emphasized the paramount importance of robust infrastructure and urged citizens to actively engage with their local leaders to advocate for improvements in essential sectors such as roads, healthcare, and education.

"It is within your constitutional rights to advocate for the development of quality infrastructure, including roads, schools, and healthcare facilities, to foster an improved standard of living," stated Hajjat Namyalo during her address.

Furthermore, the Office of the National Chairman Manager underscored that the distribution of empowerment tools transcends political boundaries, emphasizing that these resources are intended for the benefit of all Ugandans, regardless of their political affiliations or ideologies.


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