ONC Charity Visit to Katanga
ONC Charity Visit to Katanga

Today was a special day as Hajjati Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye had organized a charity drive for the people of Katanga, an area close to her heart. With genuine kindness and a deep sense of compassion, she had prepared a collection of essential items to offer support to the community that she held dear.

Her benevolent spirit led her to bring not only food but also warm and comforting beddings for those in need. Namyalo's mission was clear - to provide assistance and comfort to the residents of Katanga who had captured her heart with their resilience and unity.

As Namyalo arrived in Katanga with her donations, the neighborhood buzzed with excitement, and the local residents eagerly awaited her arrival. They knew that her actions spoke volumes about the profound connection she felt for their community.

The sun cast a warm glow over the bustling streets of Katanga, as the story of Namyalo Hadijah's charity drive spread throughout the neighborhood. The people of Katanga were not just receiving food and beddings; they were receiving a message of hope and love from a woman who believed in their strength and resilience.

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