Official Launch of Buganda Bika Football Tournament
Hajjati Hadijjah Namyalo with the Katikiro of Buganda

This morning, a noteworthy event unfolded as Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo, the esteemed senior presidential advisor on political affairs and also the proficient manager of the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator), graced an invitation from the Katikiro and participated in the grand inauguration of the Buganda Bika Football tournament. The significance of this occasion was underscored by the convergence of these two influential figures.

During this ceremony, Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo expressed her sincere appreciation to the Katikiro for extending an invitation to the ONC, acknowledging the privilege bestowed upon them to partake in this year's prestigious tournament. Her sentiments resonated with the recognition of the unique opportunity to collaborate and contribute to this remarkable event, thereby reinforcing the unity between the ONC and the Buganda community.

In a notable gesture, Katikiro Peter Mayiga took centre stage to express his gratitude towards the ONC for their unwavering support of Buganda's endeavours. This commendation was not only a recognition of the financial contribution made by ONC but also an acknowledgement of their dedication to enhancing the cultural and social fabric of Buganda.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming opening match scheduled at the renowned Wankulukuku stadium on Saturday, an additional layer of significance was added by the announcement that the esteemed Kakaba of Buganda will be gracing the occasion with their presence. This further underscores the gravity of the event and highlights the communal support and participation that the Buganda Bika Football tournament has garnered.

In a demonstration of their commitment to the success of the tournament and the promotion of Buganda's rich heritage, Hajjat Hadijjah Namyalo, on behalf of the ONC, made a generous financial contribution of 5,000,000. This contribution stands as a testament to the ONC's dedication and its alignment with the values and aspirations of the Buganda Bika Football tournament.

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